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Chikoo Patel, a Loyola University Chicago 2014 graduate with B.B.A in Finance from the Quinlan School of Business. a medical school walkout, and founder & President of CKO Investments: an investment fund founded in 2012. He has grown CKO Investments from an initial $200K in assets under management to over $2.5M in the course of two years. During that time, he has provided seed funding and guidance on multiple ventures, renovated nearly a dozen single family homes, gut rehabbed a 10,000 square foot apartment complex, and has broken ground on a 21,000 square foot gut rehab apartment complex as a part of an urban redevelopment project. His pride in craftsmanship is shown in some of his work which has been nominated for the Chicago Association of Realtors Good Neighbor Award, and the coveted Bruce Abrams Award for 2015.  

 Additionally, he was co-owner of Under the Table, a fine-dining pop-up restaurant touted by Urban Daddy and Zagat. He recently opened a full scale fine-dining restaurant in Bangkok dubbed Origin with Alinea alumni, Marcus Townsend, at the helm as executive chef.  

 His tireless efforts do not end in real estate, his activity in publishing content on economic trends since the age of 21, particularly in the global bond market, has opened doors to continuing work as an Advisor to a Private Equity fund, Topping Capital.

He bring his construction, finance, and multifamily talents to RocRealty Group-a division of @properties commercial, to guide clients through the fundamentals of investing in properties. His multitude of assets include his ability to identify value add investment properties from the construction side, precision analysis on the financial side, and a global understanding of macroeconomic trends to position clients better for the short and long term.