"Easily one of Chicago's most creative, connected and skilled purveyors of Commercial Real Estate Investments." - Keith Z. Murphy, Managing Broker - 235 Insurance

"Smooth transaction from LOI to close. One of the most professional groups I've had the pleasure of working with.", Vicki Colovos Soupos - Real Estate Broker, RE/MAX Destiny

"Kevin did a great job of getting through the process as smoothly as possible.  From our exchanges, I found Kevin to be very knowledgeable and on point OR otherwise able to locate a resource within his professional network.  I would definitely not hesitate to recommend Kevin to anyone seeking to buy or sell real estate." - Dave Nietfeldt, client

"Working with Chikoo and Danny on Kevin's team was excellent. They made things easier with their professionalism. I have worked with Chikoo before on a previous purchase and as soon as i was ready for another one he was the first person i called to help. I look forward to working with this team again for my next purchase." - Queennorah Ohiri, client

"When Kevin & Chikoo first presented the idea of buying a vacant building for $2.4M dollars (in Rogers Park), I truly thought they were out of their minds. However, based on their intelligence, we collectively decided to move forward. In hindsight, we made a full faith multi-million dollar bet on ROC (I have yet to walk into the property). As a financially conservative person I believe this speaks highly of my trust in ROC Realty Group. We're hounded by many commercial brokers, but Kevin's passion for his clients is what sets him apart. Kevin, thank you for streamlining everything from the purchase to the eventual lease up. I have no doubt your rockstar residential agent Paul Blackburn will set new markets in this beautiful building." - Dr. Shephali Patel, client

"Great Job as always." - Corey Thompson, Bayview USA Holdings LLC, clients

"Kevin and Chikoo were very professional and informative throughout our search and purchasing process. They understood our sense of urgency as well as our specific needs. Their knowledge of the market and negotiation steps were a key part in finding exactly what we were seeking. We highly recommend Kevin and his team." - Andrew & Kelly Hansen, clients

“Kevin Rocio is unique in his ability to maximize his strong reputation within his vast network of real estate professionals to achieve results significantly better than most brokerage professionals. I had recommended him on two separate occasions, a sale and sourcing tenants, that were admittedly very challenging. My previous referrals came up significantly short of what the clients needed. Kevin not only achieved what was requested but exceeded their expectations. I highly recommend engaging Kevin to list a commercial property particularly with a housing component. He is tireless in his efforts, extremely strategic in his approach which greatly reduces the sale cycle, and almost always gets a sale price beyond what the client had requested.” - Igor Zhizin, American Street Capital

"I don't think anyone else could have produced the same results that Kevin did. Kevin continued to bring offers to the table and after a long and arduous process we were finally able to close two residential 6-flats. Kevin was instrumental to the success throughout the entire process. I would recommend him to anyone." - Jonathan Happ, Cassidy Turley

"It was a great pleasure to work with someone as knowledgeable as Kevin. His market analysis and expertise knew exactly where to price my property and get me the most value with the quickest turnaround. He is a great communicator and informed me with every detail every step of the way." - Anthony Khoshabe, Speedwagon Properties

"...I should also add that Kevin was OUTSTANDING in handling so many aspects on your behalves. I have been practicing law over 20 years and very seldom have come across a realtor so "FULL SERVICE!" - John Lovestrand, Attorney at Law

"Kevin is simply fantastic. Professional, reliable, a subject matter expert on Real Estate, and a great joy to work with. We hired Kevin on 3 different real estate transactions, and he is excellent, and is our preferred choice on these type of business matters. Kevin gets it, and ensures all his clients business needs and objectives are met." - Gerard Brice, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, client

"Kevin was exceptional. He understood our goal and how it would play in the market we were selling. Kevin had a great marketing plan in order to be aggressive in a passive market. We sold our home in less than two weeks. Unlike many agents he didn’t walk away after the contract was signed. Kevin was a valuable asset in bringing the home to closure. We could not have had more flawless process and Kevin was the key to making it all work. Thanks to Kevin and @properties." Greg & Sharon Spiros, clients

"Kevin is an outstanding individual - energetic, honest, and such a positive person. What's more,Kevin asks great questions - questions always directed at identifying issues and thinking through answers. He is an asset to his partners and colleagues. One of my favorite people!" - Matthew Hickey, retired PNC Bank Executive

"Kevin is an enterprising professional who is always there when you need him. He is very quick to respond to requests and is very efficient. Service with a smile is very natural for him." - Guru Naganat, Financial Guru International

"Kevin is a seasoned and highly knowledgeable real estate expert. His professionalism and passion truly separate him from others in his industry. He's been sharpening his skills for 20  years, and is an invaluable resource to both his clients and colleagues." - Justin Lopatin, PERL Mortgage